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5th Annual BAWL! Top 25 Hip Hop Albums, Guests: Dee Jackson and Tone

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Bulls Podcast: Show 91

91: Return of the Zach

"So I'm back up in the game (Hustling strong)

Running things to keep my swing (All night long)

Letting all the people know

That I'm back to run the show"

The lyrics of Mark Morrison have never sounded sweeter.

Welcome in to the show that is ecstatic to have Zach LaVine back. We discuss his 1st game in action and his future with According 2 Sources host Christian. We also talk tanking, Niko trades and The Last Jedi. Also Dave asks a question he's been holding in for a while. Find out the guys' reaction to it and more. Enjoy the ride good people. BAWL!

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