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T-Shirts and Shennanagans: Dee Jackson doesn't like the Matrix?

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BAWL! on Bulls

Bulls Podcast: Show 98

Justice League

Well you did a good thing and should be commended for it. You tuned in to a great episode of BAWL! On Bulls. That's called intelligence. On this one, we have host of the Above the Rim podcast Just as our guest. He's from New York but loves Jordan so we hit it off from the jump.

We talked his feelings on the Bulls from the outside looking in, where his Love and admiration for CP3 came from, who he has going forward in the NBA playoffs and he brought his world famous Crossover Segment where he asks which two players would we take in their prime to start our team. It almost ended Chris and Dave's friendship. Tune in, sit back and enjoy. Lot of laughs to be had.

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