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Guest: Tone AKA @feastisfamine. Music from Devin The Dude.

3rd Annual Tournament of Trash

So without further adieu here is the bracket for the Chicago Bulls #TournamentOfTrash 2017 "Worst Front Office Decisions". It will be updated as we go along. Who you got?

View large image of bracket (RD 2 Picks by @readjack).

Tournament of Trash Bracket Banner

Follow along by listening to the Bawl! on Bulls podcasts as our next four special guests pick the winners for each round leading up to the championship. Then, you will vote for the champion of trash.

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BAWL! on Bulls

Bulls Podcast: Show 86

Tournament of Trash RD 3
Guest: Dre from According2Sources

It all. Comes down. To this. Welcome in good people. We have reached the Fatal 4 of the Tournament of Trash. We will now see who goes to the Title game. Our awesome guest Dre from According2Sources joins up to pick the winners. Also we talk Doug Collins, NBA trades and Chris and Dre put an end to the disrespect of Scottie Pippen. It's a must listen. The Finals are here. Let's see what decision is the worst in the Tournament. Enjoy!

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