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5th Annual BAWL! Top 25 Hip Hop Albums, Guests: Dee Jackson and Tone

BAWL! Remote - Join Us!

Come join us at our live podcast at Piece Brewery and Pizzeria.

When: Thursday, February 15th
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Piece Brewery and Pizzeria, 1927 W. North Ave Chicago Illinois

BAWL! Remote Piece Remote Poster

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BAWL! on Bulls

Bulls Podcast: Show 92

The Announcement

This is a special one. On here we announce our 1st ever BAWL! remote from Piece Pizza Feb. 15th and the 22nd. If you in the city stop by and say “hey”. But don't worry, we got down to business in this episode talking building around Lauri, LaVine a star or piece and Niko days being numbered. Sit back and enjoy. You know how we do. BAWL!

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