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This week, @evanFmoore joins us to talk the tragedy that is the Bears, who will be fired first and the White Sox offseason free agent signings.

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BAWL! on Bulls


Winner Announced!

Bulls Podcast: Show 29


Welcome in Ladies and Gents.  BAWL! on Bulls is back at it. On this one, is it time to panic is Bulls land? See why the fellas say mellow out.  Plus, how much of this skid is attributed to Thibs?  DRose is back playing great, but why has Butler regressed? Also who do the fellas think is the MVP so far? Whats up with the defense? Why is Kirk playing and Niko not?  All these questions will be emphatically answered and plenty more fun will ensue on this new episode. Enjoy! Stay tuned for OUTTAKES!

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