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Thanksgiving, World Series and Michael Jackson memories among many other things. Guest: Shawn from Swerski Sports.

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BAWL! is a "weekly" Chicago sports podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV. We love Sports, Pizza and random thoughts. In that order.

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BAWL! on Bulls

Bulls Podcast: Show 74

Are You Not Entertained?!?

Friends! Roman's! Countrymen! Pass the BAWL!

We are back on your podcast airwaves as demanded. On this one, we breakdown the Bulls war or words between Wade, Butler and Rondo and if anything positive can come from this. We discuss who is right and wrong and what this means going forward for the team. Also, we crown Paul Zipser the new Dirk (jokes people) get sad about Niko and start the "Bring Jahlil Okafor to the Bulls" campaign. Full show, full of it hosts. Just what you wanted. BAWL! On Bulls is on!

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