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Welcome to BAWL!

BAWL! is a Chicago sports podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV. We love Sports, Pizza and random thoughts. In that order.

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BAWL! on Bulls

Bulls Podcast: Show 82

Rondo Rally

Back again people. As promised. We told y'all these shows are coming at you fast and well, here ya go! On this one we got our favorite guests from ETMF Podcast Dre and Shawn on to talk about everyone's favorite player Rajon Rondo. (Shawn is not a fan lol). We also go over the Bulls' draft picks, trading Jimmy Butler and plenty of laughter to last you for a while. It's always a fun show when these fellas are on and the trend continues on this one. BAWL! on Bulls. We here.

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