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Welcome, welcome welcome! One and all! Welcome to The BAWL! Awards 2015 aka The Averys. Artist of the Week: Vel the Wonder

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BAWL! is a weekly Chicago sports podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV. Shows are typically recorded Sundays and posted Monday evenings around 9 p.m. Central.

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BAWL! on Bulls


Winner Announced!

Bulls Podcast: Show 32

Man on a Ledge

Well, that was crazy. Welcome back to the show. On this one, Big DAVE comes back in off the ledge after hearing DRose is gonna be alright. We talk how this affects the team, if they can sustain a winning team in his absence and if Jimmy Butler is ready to takeover. We talk all this and more with friend to the show writer Brandon Pence. Oh, and the dress that broke the internet is mentioned. A few times. We've calmed down taken a deep breath and stepped away from the window. You all can do the same. Bawl on Bulls is on! Stay tuned for outtakes!!

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