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Movie reviews: Civil War and BvS. QB coach compares Cutler to Drew Brees?

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BAWL! is a "weekly" Chicago sports podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV. Shows are typically recorded Sundays and posted Mondays.

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BAWL! on Bulls

Bulls Podcast: Show 65

Highway to (NBA) Hell

Hey cool people. Thanks for stopping by. We'll do our best to keep you entertained. And boy do we have a lot to discuss.On this one, we discuss the Bulls trading Derrick Rose, the inferiority of the front office and the team being back to below average. Plus we go over the Bulls draft picks and discuss the NBA Finals. Oh yeah, Dave is attacked by a skunk and Chris loves car metaphors. It’s a full show and we got more on the way. We here! BAWL! On Bulls! Don't forget to donate.

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